Victory VX The Kraken – Bias Amp Model

Victory VX The Kraken

-Made using Bias Amp by Positive Grid.

I amp matched the sound of the Gain 2 channel of a “Victory VX The Kraken” amp!

-This package includes a Bias Amp model (with a custom GUI!) and the IR that is used

One of my favorite models so far and one of the site’s best sellers! Insanely bright and crisp! Great for cleans and low gain leads! I am using the built in Impulse Response loader, but if your version doesn’t have it, don’t worry. You can always bypass the cab and use an external convolution plugin. The one I recommend is NadIR by Ignite Amps.

Listen to these samples:

First Part: Neck Pickup (Dimarzio liquifire) 3/4 guitar volume knob . Bias Amp ONLY!!!

Second Part: Bridge Pickup (Dimarzio X2N) guitar volume full . Bias Amp + good old Ingite Amps TSB-1 in front of it.

This one works with the standard Bias Amp package. Make sure that the Amp Matching section is enabled before you play.

What you hear is what you get!!! Get it Here:

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You can check out my free stuff before purchasing!
Here is the site’s F.A.Q. section.

BTW here is my Youtube channel…


2 thoughts on “Victory VX The Kraken – Bias Amp Model

  1. Wow I just got this. It sounds REAAALLY bright I am very happy with it. It is really fun to use this with a strat. I would totally recommend it. But I can’t find the TemplateImages folder I am on a MAC so I have no GUI.


    1. You will find TemplateImages here: Library / Audio / Plugins / Components / BIAS.component / Resources / TemplateImages (Right click Bias.component, show package content) (on Mac) Thank you once again!!!!


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